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What do I need to enroll?

New Student Enrollment Form

Birth Certificate

Proof of Residency

Safe Schools Declaration

Immunization Records

Health Assessment

Got everything?


Proof of Residency

You will need a copy of the following:

Do you own a home?

Deed, a Mortgage Statement or HUD Closing Statement

Do you rent?

Rental Agreement

Do you live in someone else's home?

Notarized Residency Affidavit AND their mortgage statement, deed or lease

  • A gas, water, electric, telephone, OR cable utility bill

  • A work order dated within the past 30 days for a utility

  • Valid North Carolina Driver's License

  • Valid North Carolina Identification Card

  • Pay Stub, Bank Statement OR Credit Card Statement dated within past 30 days

  • Current Vehicle Registration

  • Vehicle Tax Bill, Property Tax Bill, W-2 OR Medicaid Card dated within past year

AND a copy of ONE of the following items:


  • Letter from approved agency (group home)

  • Refugee resettlement letter

  • Copy of Charlotte Housing Authority lease

Copy of one of the following items:

Are you currently without a residence or having difficulty verifying proof of residency?

Please call (980) 343-5335.


Pre-K Options

Traditional Pre-K Programs

  • Bright Beginnings

  • NC Pre-K

Pre-K Magnet Options

  • Pre-Kindergarten Options

    • Park Road Montessori School

    • Chantilly Montessori School

    • Highland Mill Montessori School

    • Trillium Springs Montessori School



That's it!

You're ready.

Turn your enrollment application in to your home school.

Call (980) 343-5335 if you have any questions!



Explore our School Choice options.

The School Choice lottery will be open this fall.

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